• When statements are from kids, they are most probably true.
  • But their creativity or their recent observation could also be contributing to what they say, (or draw for this matter).
  • Here are 15 hilarious things kids say of their parents — and they’re unfiltered!

Kids don’t lie. They say what they want to say and mean to say. And at times, that leaves parents in great surprise, especially if their kids divulge personal behaviors they’d rather keep privately.

And the best part? Kids say it in the most artistic way!

1. This dad is probably really eating a lot during picnics that this kid overlooked the choices on this question. ‘Chubby’ dad has a problem.

2. A Jo Koy in the making!

3. Nice move. This kid compliments first then… tell the truth? We want to believe that her meatloaf isn’t that bad…

4. And this one is a little too honest to share her mom’s drinking habits. But what’s more fascinating is that he was able to reflect a happy face on the drawing. Mom must really love wine.

5. Speaking of drinking, this kid’s dad also seems much into it that it looks at par with him being an employee.

6. The fart illustration in this photo is funnier than the fact that mom farts a lot.

7. It’s hilarious how her dress is drawn looking like a television, with a heart on it. This mom must really be Ellen’s huge fan.

8. Another mom’s drinking habit is made out in the open. But at least, she was drawn smiling and pretty!

9. This little critic has a future in becoming a standup comedian one day, don’t you think?

10. Mom gives love, dad gives gas. I’m not sure which is funnier, the parents on the drawing or the teacher who puts that “wow” sticker as the kid’s score?

11. What’s more cryptic than an evil snake eating an evil mom who doesn’t like people?

12. No, mom is not a pole dancer. The kid’s mom works at Home Depot, and that pole-looking piece is actually a tool. A giant shovel, maybe? And yes, the men are paying customers.

13. Don’t mess up with this kid’s father-and-son day! Here’s what his dad gets for getting extra ZZ’s on that day.

14. Either his parents are not in good terms or this kid just really wants to be alone forever.

15. This is probably the best letter to give you that stir of emotions!

Via Daily funny