The #1 Reason Why You Should Wash Your Feet Before Bed

Admit it, you don’t always bend down in the shower to give your tootsies a good scrub, do you? While there is significant evidence pointing to the benefits of reducing your all over body showering to two to three times a week, it is still recommended to keep your feet as clean as you possibly can. Here’s why.

Your feet along with other areas of your body including your armpits, sweat more than other parts. This means they harbor bacteria that cause odor. The best time to wash your feet, according to dermatologist Dr. Joel Schlessinger is at night so that you can scrub off bacteria before hopping into bed.

Washing your feet also helps remove dead skin cells, encourages healthy circulation, eases joint and muscle pain and just feels downright great!

There is a right way to keep your feet clean

Here is a breakdown of proper foot-washing technique. Once you get this down, your feet will thank you!

Fill a basin with warm water.
Add some herbal foot soak or organic foot salts to the water.
Place both feet in the basin and soak for five to ten minutes.
Use a loofah sponge to gently clean all parts of your feet including between toes.
Use a soft bristled nail brush to clean your toes.
Pat your feet dry with a clean towel – be sure to get the area between your toes especially dry. This is where fungi and bacteria like to hide out.
After your feet are dry, massage some coconut oil into them and put on a pair of your favorite cozy socks. Coconut oil will not only moisturize your feet also contains antibacterial properties.
Now your feet are ready for bed!
Tip: Have a foot washing party with your spouse. Take turns washing and massaging each other’s feet. It is a great way to end a date night!

Other ways to love your feet

Besides washing your feet, here are some other ways that you can show them love.

Cut your toenails properly – Not cutting your nails or cutting them improperly can lead to a host of painful problems. Cut your nails straight across and avoid trimming too close to your skin or rounding too much. Both of these can cause ingrown toenails to form.
Protect your feet in public places – Keep your feet covered in public places such as the gym, locker room, and shower. These places are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria.
Don’t share shoes – As tempting as it may be to borrow your besties stilettos, don’t do it. You may end up getting more than you bargained for as fungal infections are easily transferred via footwear, socks, etc.
Choose footwear that breathes – Comfort, and, of course, looks are all important when it comes to shoes. Top of the list, however, is breathability – how well your shoes breathe. The best shoes are those made of leather which allow air to circulate. This keeps your tootsies from getting overheated and sweating.
Choose shoes that fit well – Don’t compromise looks for fit – ever. Even if it is just for one night. Cramming your feet into shoes that don’t fit can cause tremendous pressure on feet and lead to pain and injury. The best shoes are those that are broad and well rounded with plenty of room for your toes and a generous heel. Pointy shoes may cause calluses to develop as well as ingrown toenails.
Go barefoot – Giving your feet a break from shoes is very important, especially if you tend to wear shoes that are uncomfortable or put a lot of pressure on your feet, like high heels. Not to mention that when you wear shoes and socks all the time, your feet stay warm and moist: the perfect hotspot for bacteria and fungus. Walking barefoot outside also has the added benefit of ‘grounding,’ the practice of connecting with the earth’s energy through the soles of our feet. This practice is associated with better sleep, stress reduction, and more energy.
Know when to see a doctor – Check your feet often. Don’t try to solve foot problems on your own, this can only make matters worse.

Via Alternative Daily