• Maxx, a retired K9 officer, came into rescue when his family’s home was caught up by fire.
  • Maxx went into the blazing house for the family’s two toddler kids, leading the firefighters to find and save them.
  • Everyone in the family, including Maxx, had recovered fast and was happy to be together again after being treated.

No retirement can stop a hero from saving others.

Maxx is a retired K9 from Seminole County Sheriff’s Office in Florida, but when faced with danger, he didn’t hesitate to provide his service.

Photo Credit: Seminole County Fire Department/Facebook

One night, at 11 pm, fire consumed Maxx’s family’s home. Nearby neighbor Chip Dover called 911 when he was alerted by a loud noise. In a jiffy, he headed over to where the sound was coming from — it was a fire engulfing the Feaser’s house.

Chip went on and used a piece of patio furniture to break a window and help anyone inside to escape. With the help of his son, the caring neighbor was able to help Margo Feaser get out, but Margo’s husband and their children were still inside.

Photo Credit: Seminole County Fire Department/Facebook

Maxx didn’t waste a second and quickly went into the smoke-filled house. The firefighters saw him running inside and thought that they also needed to save him. It turns out, Maxx came in to rescue the kids.

Maxx was found in a bathroom, next to the family’s two-year-old daughter. Then, he led the firefighters straight to the family’s second child.

“No doubt he was there to protect the baby,” Fire Lt. Rich Huebner said.

Photo Credit: Seminole County Fire Department/Facebook

Besides Margo, everyone was confined at the hospital for more than a week. Maxx also sustained some injuries and was brought to the vet to recover. Nevertheless, the family was grateful that they all survived and were recovering.

“We are grateful to the neighbors who jumped into action, and we especially thank the firefighters who selflessly entered the burning structure and risked their lives for the Feaser family,” Sheriff Don Eslinger said.

The Feasers have appreciated their loyal pup now more than ever. They knew “he was a fighter” and “has always been very protective of [them].”

Maxx was a bit blue when he returned home from the vet, he might have worried about his hospitalized family, but as soon as they went back home, the hero pup came back to his normal self.

“My family lived,” Margo said. “In the grand scheme of things, that’s what matters.”

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