• Almost every dog loves to have that joyride.
  • They love the wind through the window brushing through their face, the snacks in the car to make the ride even more enjoyable, and even the car perse.
  • Here are 15 funny dogs who make it look like car ride is everything!

Have you ever seen a dog, sitting on a car, and it seemed like it’s the best day of his life? Well, pooches look pretty entertained with a road trip that they just can’t hide it.

Here are 15 photos showing their delighted selves and and funny faces! Really, just how amusing can dogs get when in the car?

1. The wind pressure is a little too much but he’s enjoying it. Don’t ever close the window!

2. Is this pooch some kind of royalty from the renaissance period? What a poise.

3. On top of the joy ride, this Husky is getting a bonus, and he couldn’t help but shout, “Pizzzzaaaaaa!”

4. This puppy has dibs on this arm rest. It’s now his car bed!

5. And this one owns this side of the dashboard now. Traffic has lulled her to sleep, but she loves it.

6. Who just cut me off?!

7. He’s not ready to leave the park just yet. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

8. I’m confused if it’s the seatbelt that’s holding this tiny puppy or the other way around. Look at how he curled his rear legs and clutched them to the seatbelt! (I’m laughing now.)

9. This canine was put in the trunk, but he won’t allow missing the view! That’s the point of this road trip, right?

10. When the open-top car experience is more important than your driving dad…

11. Is he saying hi to the person outside or telling ‘no photos’ to a paparazzi?

12. This pooch knows a car ride is so much better with some snacks.

13. So, dogs also drop their jaws while sleeping in a car. Pretty us. Let’s see if he’s gonna drool, too.

14. It’s like that car ride is a fantasy and he’s ready to die.

15. The harder the wind, the better. It’s a facial workout, anyway!

Via Healthy Happy News