New Research from University of Utah Can End America’s Obesity Pandemic After a Powerful Mix of Herbs from Costa Rica Helped 132 Overweight People from Their Test Group Lose Weight Naturally

A group of researchers from the University of Utah have spend 3 years researching the effects of plants on mitochondrial activity in the cells in the hope end the obesity pandemic in America.

Their goal was to rejuvenate the mitochondria in human cells, something they thought would lead to natural weight loss.

Mitochondria are the cell’s powerhouses and they are small organisms within the cell that transform all food humans consume into energy that the cell and the whole body can use.

Kids and teenagers have a high number of mitochondria in their cells and that’s why they have high energy all day long, however as aging occurs, the number of mitochondria decreases.

And so, the cells produce less and less energy, and that’s why as humans are aging, their metabolism gets slower and their energy level decreases.

After 2 years of research and experiments, the researchers had no significant results on mitochondrial activity, but that’s when a miracle happened.

One of the researchers went on vacation in Costa Rica and he was shocked to see that everyone living in the Nicoya peninsula – an area situated in the west side of Costa Rica, was healthy and thin.

More than that, people who were in their 70’s were looking young and were filled with energy, and most of them had never retired, and were working 10 long hours a day doing heavy agricultural work.

As a passioned scientist, he spent a few hours every day while he was on vacation, trying to figure out why everyone in Nicoya was defying aging and why nobody was fat, even though the local’s diet was not particularly healthy.

Eventually, he realized that the secret behind the unusual youthfulness and slim figures was a daily traditional habit that involved drinking tea.

The people from Nicoya start their day drinking a cup of an energy boosting morning tea, and go to bed after drinking a cup of detoxifying evening tea.

So, before he left Nicoya, he decided to take home with him a sample of the morning and the evening tea mix, and run some tests with the samples on rodents.

And after 2 years of no progress, they finally hit gold, as the powerful morning plant mix brought from Costa Rica drastically increased mitochondrial activity in the rodents, even the production of new mitochondria in their cells.

But what really shocked the researchers, was that after the evening plant mix was introduced to the rodents, their cells started to increase their lifespan with up to 41%, because the cells were able to detoxify themselves.

Because inside the cells mitochondria transform food into energy, a lot of residues is created, which accumulates in the cells, eventually leading to the death of the cells.

But the evening plant mix was so powerful that it helped the cells eliminate a big part of the residues, and thus, the cells extended their lifespan.

And after a few months of consistent results on rodents, these group of scientists tried something considered at least crazy: they decided to test this powerful tea mix from Costa Rica on humans.

They took a group of 132 overweight people who wanted to lose weight, and gave them a cup of morning tea and a cup of evening tea, every day for 3 months.

After the first month the average weight loss of the group was around 11 pounds, and after 3 months, everyone who continued to drink both the morning and the evening tea lost over 31 pounds and many inches off their waist, hips, thighs and arms.

On top of that, even though the group didn’t diet or exercise in the 3 months of the study, everyone in the group had healthier blood sugar levels, healthier cholesterol levels, high energy all day long, they all looked years younger and were feeling happier.

The researcher’s conclusion was that people who drink that particular morning and the evening tea from Costa Rica regularly, can speed up their metabolism and increase their energy levels with up to 53%, even more if they also follow a diet and exercise program, and can increase their lifespan with up to 41%.

Their research on the weight loss effects of this powerful tea mix from Costa Rica will surely continue and more data will be shared in the near future.

In the meantime, people who want to lose weight naturally and reduce the effects of aging in their body, can learn more about the powerful Costa Rica morning and evening tea, even get the list of ingredients on this page: