How to Stay Fit Like Eva Longoria [Video]

    • Even at 45, Eva Longoria is still health-conscious.
    • The Grand Hotel actress does trampoline exercises, weight training, weighted lunges and yoga.
    • She also sticks to her diet of less alcohol, carbs and sugar.

Staying fit and healthy after 40 years old can be difficult for some people. Several factors like slower metabolism, losing muscle and endurance comes into play. But these factors can be overcome with dedication and determination as shown by Eva Longoria, a well-known actress and a model. She is best known for her role in the television series Desperate Housewives. Even at 45, she does intense training workouts, yoga and follows a healthy diet.

Workout Routines

She shares her exercise routines, like doing weighted lunges, on her social media pages and her followers cannot avoid but comment that she is doing well and looks fit especially her toned butt. And not to mention her attractive look when she is wearing her cute activewear which Eva has also shared that wearing them is what only makes morning lunges bearable.

Eva is into trampoline workouts lately, and she has shared that she got a new one from social activist Elsa Marie Collins. Even though it is harder to use than her old trampoline, she feels great using it. With it, she enjoys doing bounce while clutching weights. Sometimes, her son, Santi joins her too.

To stay fit, Eva also does some intense weight training like wide-grip lat pulldowns, shoulder presses, insled pulls, spinal twists and deadlifts with her trainer Grant Roberts. She also shares a video of her doing these exercises in her Instagram. Moreover, Elsa also adds Total Resistance Exercises or TRX training in her routine for some variation. She does this while supporting her body weight in a set of inverted rows which looks very impressive.

Aside from weight and resistance training, Eva also does yoga like a pro doing inversions and balancing.

Eva also shares that it is not easy every time she does her exercises, but she is always determined to make it through.

Healthy Diet

On top of working hard, Longoria is also keen on her diet. After giving birth to her son, she carefully planned what and what not to include in her diet. She reduces her alcohol, carbs and sugar intake. But now she has become less lenient when it comes to eating, and she now has homemade pasta or chicken tacos for lunch. For dinner, she now enjoys a light soup.

Source: Yahoo! Life