• Stephanie Perkins wanted to give her 90-year-old grandma a dashing birthday celebration she deserved.
  • “G-Ma” had a princess-themed birthday party with moments captured by a gifted professional photographer.
  • G-Ma surely had an unforgettable day, becoming a royal highness for a day!

No one is too old to be a dashing princess, even for a 90-year-old grandma.

Photo Credit: Melissa Denny Photography/Facebook

Stephanie Perkins decided to give her grandmother the best party ever yet for her 90th birthday. The coronavirus pandemic has kept them from seeing each other, but she was not letting it stop her from giving her “G-Ma” the birthday party she deserved.

“My grandma is very special to me and during the pandemic and quarantine, we did not get to see much of her,” Stephanie said. “I knew her 90th birthday was coming and we wanted to do something special just for her. My family had been vaccinated, so we felt like it would be safe to celebrate together.”

Photo Credit: Melissa Denny Photography/Facebook

The loving granddaughter wanted a princess-themed birthday bash for the grandma. She made a young, royalty vibe with all the decors, balloons, and even a throne for G-Ma!

She even contacted Melissa Denny, a talented photographer she went to high school with, to do impressive photoshoots. And her photos turned out brilliant!
Photo Credit: Melissa Denny Photography/Facebook

“When they asked if I would be interested in doing the photos, I was MORE than willing to do it,” the photographer said. “What an amazing opportunity to spend time with a sweet, 90-year-old, wonderful lady, making memories and having fun celebrating her milestone birthday.”

Wearing a plastic crown, a pink tutu, and a shirt that read “It took me 90 years to look this good,” G-Ma was nothing short of a real princess!

The party wouldn’t be complete without the food, which Stephanie made sure was superb — like a royalty banquet. G-Ma even had biscuits in the shape of her face, along with a mouth-watering cake.

Photo Credit: Melissa Denny Photography/Facebook

“She knew it was happening, but I don’t think she truly knew what was going to happen when we got there,” her daughter Debra said.

Based on the pretty photos captured that day, it was crystal clear that all of them enjoyed: G-Ma, her daughter, her son-in-law, and two of her granddaughters.

Photo Credit: Melissa Denny Photography/Facebook

“She was very happy to pose and do all the things we asked her. She was smiling and laughing the whole time,” Stephanie said. “We all had a lot of fun celebrating G-Ma.”

The surprise birthday celebration was unforgettable, but the family wasn’t done surprising G-Ma yet. The next day, she had a drive-thru party to safely see her friends and other loved ones.

“She is so important and special to each of us, and we all wanted to be there to see her shine on her special day,” Stephanie said.

Photo Credit: Melissa Denny Photography/Facebook

Happy birthday, lovely Princess G-Ma!

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