• After exchanging “I dos” on a mountain top, a couple was surprised to see two cute dogs crashing their wedding.
  • Rachel Franco and Alexander Oyen had a solemn ceremony with just a photographer when a husky named Freya and his brother Bruno magically appeared.
  • The newly-wed couple didn’t mind the intrusion and even included the two furry guests in the wedding photos.

When Rachel Franco and Alexander Oyen eloped in a self-solemnized ceremony on Flagstaff Mountain in Colorado, it was meant to be just them and a photographer. Instead, two furry wedding crashers unexpectedly showed up and made their day.

At sunrise, the mountain seemed quiet — until Franco realized they were being watched.

“We had actually just finished making our vows to each other and had our first kiss as a married couple, and as I was pulling away from the kiss, I was like, ‘I think something is on me?’” Franco told The Dodo. “I opened my eyes and there was the most gorgeous husky there.”

Photo Credit: Cara Eliz Photo

A husky named Freya decided to join the nuptials, with her brother, Bruno, not far behind. Luckily, Franco and her husband love dogs, and the fact that two were there as surprise witnesses couldn’t have been better.

“This was mind-blowing to us,” Franco said. “It really did feel like the universe congratulating us, or telling us that this was right. Like, all we ever want is for dogs to run up to us and interrupt our lives, and this just felt hilarious and perfect.”

The dogs’ owner realized that his pups were making themselves a little too comfortable, and tried to call them away. But the dogs insisted on joining in the wedding photos — especially Freya.

Photo Credit: Cara Eliz Photo

“When she first ran up to us, she leaned against my legs and just kind of gave over her body weight in the hopes of pets, which we obviously were down for,” Franco said. “She ran over to us several times to sniff my flowers and sniff the train of my dress.”

The dogs even helped Oyen, who has a fear of heights, relax. “I think it made him comfortable to see these dogs just kind of running free and having fun in this area they were clearly familiar with,” Franco said.

Photo Credit: Cara Eliz Photo

Franco will always treasure her time on top of the mountain with her husband and her two unexpected wedding guests.

“I just savored our intimate ceremony and the time we spent up there,” Franco said. “My husband looked so handsome, and I was really just happy and honored to be there with him.”

Via  The Dodo