7 Ways to Make Your Morning Coffee Rock

Millions of people around the world don’t consider their day to be started before their morning cup of joe. Great news for coffee lovers, this energizing and delicious drink is super healthy and can deliver a major helping of antioxidants. One caution, however, taking a daily trip to Starbucks for your extra caramel frappuccino doesn’t count and is incredibly detrimental to your health due to the high sugar content and additives. These syrup laden coffee drinks can lead to excessive weight gain, lethargy, and an unhealthy sugar crash later in the day.

Instead of turning a beneficial cup of coffee into a sickly sweet dessert and ruining any nutritional value, try brewing your daily caffeine dose at home with some of these fantastic ingredients that only add to the nutritional value.

Grass fed organic butter

Grass-fed butter is perhaps one of the most popular additions to coffee and the health trend known as bulletproof coffee has been sweeping the nation for quite some time. When you add a tablespoon of this healthy fat to your morning coffee and blend, you receive all the benefits of your coffee with the added nutrition and creaminess of butter. Grass-fed butter contains tons of vitamins and minerals that the body needs to function effectively. Plus, it increases the effect of your coffee and helps keep you alert, awake, and energized for longer. Your body needs healthy fat to function and adding butter to your “go-juice” may be the solution you’ve been looking for.


Brewing your coffee with a cinnamon stick or adding a little of this delicious spice into your steaming mug adds not only a fantastic flavor but also magnifies the antioxidant power of your favorite drink. Cinnamon has been proven to decrease inflammation, improve the immune system, and even soothe nausea. Essentially, adding a bit of cinnamon to your coffee is a no-brainer. Take advantage of this super spice today.

Cayenne pepper

This addition may sound a little strange at first, but for those that don’t mind a little spice, cayenne pepper can give your coffee an exhilarating, healthy kick. Add a tiny dash of this spice to your coffee before brewing. Capsaicin, the active ingredient in cayenne pepper has been studied extensively for its weight loss and heart disease-fighting capabilities.

Peppermint oil

Has the seasonal peppermint latte been calling your name from the doors of your favorite coffee shop? If so, you may want to try adding a drop of food-grade peppermint oil to your morning coffee. Peppermint is famed for its stomach calming abilities and is often the first choice for those struggling with nausea. It can also help clear the mind, relieve stress and give you mental energy for the day ahead.

Coconut sugar

If you have recently weaned yourself off of sugary specialty drinks, it can be hard to adjust to the flavor of plain coffee. Try adding a teaspoon of coconut sugar to your coffee grounds before brewing to help with the transition. Plus, this unrefined sugar can help encourage a healthy gut environment and is an excellent source of iron. Keep in mind, however, that this is still a sugar and must be used with care.

Dark chocolate

This may be one of the best additions to enhance the flavor and indulgence of your coffee. Adding a square of dark chocolate (70% or darker) not only gives you the health benefits of the dark chocolate but also provides an amazing healthy treat as well. The health benefits of dark chocolate are well known, with research backing its ability to increase mental capacity, reduce the risk of stroke, and lower blood pressure.


It’s the source of the world’s favorite flavor…chocolate! Medical grade cacao is a source of both rich flavor and nutrient-rich flavonoids. Drinking high-quality cacao every day can improve the health of the heart and vessels, brain and nerves, and mind and mood.

Coconut milk

This is a great option for those looking for a healthy dairy-free coffee alternative, or if you want to add lightness to your coffee without ruining its nutritional value. Coconut milk contains many minerals that the body needs to function including magnesium and iron, making it a great choice to strengthen bones and improve organ function.

Other notes regarding coffee

  • Always choose quality coffee: Make sure that you are buying organic, fair trade coffee that has not been treated with any synthetic chemicals.
  • Limit your intake: It is possible to have too much of a good thing. As a general rule, it is best to stick to three cups of coffee per day or less. Too much caffeine can overload the system, giving you jitters and hampering focus.
  • Try not to drink coffee in the evening: Because coffee does have caffeine, it is known as a stimulant and has the potential to interfere with healthy sleep patterns. Avoid coffee in the evenings to prevent disrupted sleep.

-Susan Patterson

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